Refer Your Friend

Here's the lowdown: when someone joins the game through your referral link, a referral event is triggered. This event sets achievement benchmarks for both you, the inviter, and the invitee. Once these milestones are conquered, a treasure trove of rewards awaits!

In-Game Benefits

Referral Reward: Claim your prize when your friend registers through your invite!

image (43).png

Invited Reward: Unlock rewards like Stamina, Resources, Equipment, etc., as your referred player hits key milestones in-game.

image (44).png
Shards Benefits

Lifetime Rewards: Receive 1% of the fees created by that invitee when they buy or sell anything, forever.

Rewards await as you bring more adventurers into the Petopia.

Get Your Referral Link Now!

1. Log in to your Petopia account.

2. Tap the [Referral Program] icon on the homepage.

3. Copy your referral code or tap invite button for a referral link.

4. Share your referral code or referral link

5. Reap rewards as they join and achieve milestones in-game!

Start sharing your referral link today! The more, the merrier—unlock rewards, embrace the Shards, and defend your haven with your family and friends. Let the adventure begin.